Our Projects

Childrens' Recuperation in Germany


2019 Childrens’ Holiday with 40 children from Ritschow


2018 Childrens’ Holiday with 18 children from Ritschow


2017 Childrens’ Holiday with 45 children from Ritschow


2016 Childrens’ Holiday with 42 children from Ritschow


2015 Childrens’ Holiday with 47 children from Ritschow


2013 Childrens’ Holiday with 50 children from Ritschow


2012 Childrens’ Holiday with 46 children from Ritschow


2011 Childrens’ Holiday with 48 children from Ritschow


2010 Childrens’ Holiday with 49 children from Ritschow


2009 Childrens’ Holiday with 49 children from Ritschow


2008 Childrens’ Holiday with 54 children from Ritschow


2007 Childrens’ Holiday with 16 children from Ritschow


2006 Childrens’ Holiday with 11 children from Ritschow


The childrens' rest is supported by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs from the Land Baden-Württemberg.

Childrens' Recuperation


Renovation of the hospital in Shitkowitschi

Total cost: ca. 100,000 EUR

Soziale Partnerschaft im Gesundheits- und Sozialsystem am Beispiel Hochrhein
Förderprogramm Belarus 2016-2019
Total cost: ca. 15,000 EUR



Renovation of the gymnasium in Shitkowitschi

Total cost: ca. 16,000 EUR



Improving basic health services in the Gomel region

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Total cost: 30,385 EUR



Training seminar for three Belarusian music students

Goethe Institute

Total cost: 3,380 EUR



Eyewitness and publication project on Volga Germans in the High Rhine-Black Forest region - past and present

Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media

Total cost: 3,700 EUR



Compete renovation of the school kitchen in Ritschow

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Total cost: 16,000 EUR


Freindship concerts

Goethe Institute

Total cost: 3,300 EUR




New Sports Hall floor in Ritschow:

Refurbish Sports Hall floor in Ritschow School – about 6.000 EUR


Ritschow Cultural Center:

Installation of sanitary facilities in the Ritschow Cultural Center (Total Cost: 5.600 EUR)


Friendship concerts

Invited by us, six music students from Belarus stayed in the upper Rhine region (March 21 to 27). They were accompanied by the professor for singing Olga Luckjanonock, the piano professor Tatjana Glasirina and Marina Kharitonova the chairman of our Belarusian partner association. more...




Remediation of the Ritschow village school:

Sanitary facilities completely renewed (All materials bought in Belarus with organization funds, installed with the help of the Ritschow teachers, FFR German organization members and friends. Total Cost: 8000 EUR)




Remediation of the Ritschow village school:

Blackboards and modern lighting installed in all Ritschow classrooms.


New entrance doors for the Lenin village school